Proving the Faith

When the believer crosses a certain point, the Holy Spirit is received.  It happened to me. Praise God. But I became confused when trying to communicate my life-changing experience to those near and dear to me. Most of them were polite, courteous and simply allowed me to have my ‘weird’ thoughts.  They kept intellectual distance and did not acknowledge a

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Sunshine and Smiles

Would you rather have someone greet you with a smile or a frown? I prefer a smile. Whether it’s my wife, my kids, my boss, or the cashier at Wal-Mart, I always prefer being greeted with a smile. A smile is comforting, inviting, non-threatening. It says that there’s no trouble here and it’s just plain nice to see a person

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“I see bacteria on your hand,” the old beggar pointed, staggering toward me on the sidewalk. Crap, not another one of these guys. Had a meeting to get to. I adjusted my sunglasses and reached for my wallet. His eyes danced over my wrist to the fold of brown leather as I hurried to fish out some money. “In fact,

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I was broken

Michael Snee For years, I was known as our football team’s triple-threat man – I’d get threatened three times before getting my lights punched out.  No, seriously, I usually played center, the person who hiked the ball where my lack of speed was not a great liability to the success of the team. One day at football practice

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Humpty is well known

Michael Snee I never knew so many so many co-workers could recite the verse or come so close to getting the verse right. I never thought so many would volunteer that they had felt like Humpty at times. And I never realized so many would add that there was no help. I had no idea Humpty was so well known. After all,

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Humpty Survived?

Michael Snee At the tender age of seven when I had my tonsils taken out, I woke from the ether anaesthetic with a terrible headache. The recovery nurse had placed a wash cloth on my forehead, but it was HOT! I wanted relief and just knew that a cold, wet cloth would ease my throbbing head. I was

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