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Michael Snee

I grew up working on farm near Canton, Ohio. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in graphic design at Kent State University, I was blessed with a couple of art jobs that allowed me to backpack Europe for three months. What a great adventure! And wow…it sure added to my artistic outlook! The journey and what I had learned through travel helped launch my career and land jobs at a number of ad agencies. Through those agencies I gained a variety of experience and even earned some awards. In addition, I taught design and illustration classes at Indiana State Technical College, The Canton Museum of Art, and The University of Akron, eventually starting my own advertising and design business.

I like art (of course), composing music, and studying science and nature, too.

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Back On The Wall

When I started reading Mother Goose to my kids, I wondered about Humpty Dumpty. Yes, he fell – and all the king’s horses and men couldn’t help. But what was this rhyme teaching my kids? Never sit on a wall? Watch your step? If you fall, there’s no hope? What a downer! So, every time I read Humpty to them, I added more positive endings. Since they couldn’t read, they just kept listening––and I kept learning.

I grew curious and started to quiz my coworkers. “Hey, George, ever hear of Humpty Dumpty?” (Probably the last sort of question you’d expect as you’re filling your coffee mug.)

“Uh, yeah…” George nodded, looking sideways at me.

“Can you recite the verse?” I took a sip from my mug.

“Uh, Humpty Dumpty…sat on a wall…Humpty Dumpty…had a great fall…all the king’s horses and all the king’s men…couldn’t put Humpty together again.”

“Thanks, George. Hey, Kathy…”

Surprisingly, most of my coworkers had no trouble reciting the verse. Beyond that, it seemed our entire culture used Humpty as the poster child for hopelessness and the ultimate loser of all time. Humpty’s tragedy thrived in our adult memory. Was this nursery rhyme influencing us somehow in our day-to-day adult lives?

I began to see Humpty as representing any one of us, young or old. In life, we all sit on walls, trying to enjoy the view while we maintain our balance. But life brings trickery and hazards that can knock us off our wall. We might fall by losing a loved one, losing our health, losing a job, losing an argument. We get called nasty names and may even get robbed. We get picked last, slip off the monkey bars –– or just slip up somehow or other. Surprise!

Humpty Dumpty seems an innocent children’s rhyme but in a subtle way it compares to Adam and Eve’s fall. They believed a lie instead of believing God and so, fell off their “wall.” Humpty’s rhyme then tells us that every resource of the king failed to help, or won’t work, overshadowing all hope. Its subtle message lures new generations into an unconscious comparison, thinking that our King (God) can’t help us. However, our all-powerful God indeed loves us, provides hope and is active in rescuing and restoring mankind. You’re valuable to God, loved by him (John 3:16).

I wrote Back On The Wall, The WHOLE Story of Humpty Dumpty to counteract the original rhyme’s message of hopelessness, which we learned as children and still influences us as adults. Instead, we should learn that even when we’re broken, and others can’t put us together, there is still hope.

Believe God. Learn how his love can help you survive every great fall. Believe God. It’s the difference between getting it together and going to pieces. Believe God. Falling––does not mean failing!

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