Humpty survived and so can we!

In life, we all sit on types of walls––learning to ride a bike, climbing a tree, dating, marriage, work, illness. We may fall, making us feel like our world has ended. But we don’t have to feel that way forever.

Back On The Wall  transforms a well-known tragedy we learned as children. It adds God’s wonderful message about the power of “believing” and how believing helps us gain victory over life’s hard knocks.

Back On The Wall is truly inspiring for children of all ages including Moms, Dads and teachers. Promoting faith and Godly hope, this uplifting story can comfort loved ones facing trying times, hospital patients, inner city youth and those battling addiction. Ministers have enjoyed sharing this symbolic scriptural message with their congregation, helping to show that “…old things are passed away…and all things are become new…” –– 2 Corinthians 5:17.

Humpty learned. Humpty BELIEVED! Humpty survived and so can we!

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They couldn’t help? Now what? Humpty might represent any one of us. Young or old, we all sit on walls, trying to enjoy the view while we maintain our balance. What if we fall?

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